In English

I am Green politician from Oulunkylä in my forties, running for Helsinki City Council in the municipal elections to be held on 18th of April 2021. 

I have done my career in various positions in software development. From 2018 I have worked as a business development director at Barona and currently I am responsible for digitalization for Barona’s service sector business units.

My dearest hobby is fencing: I train, compete and coach children in Helsinki Fencing Club. I am also the president of Finnish Fencing and Pentathlon Federation. I have also been serving on the boards of the Adoptioperheet ry and the Greens of Northern Helsinki.

My activities in politics have included various posts.  2013 – 2017 I was the member of Helsinki City’s Sports Committee and 2017 – 2019 The Greens’ Party Committee. Currently I am serving as a Vice-Councilman for the City of Helsinki.

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